We work with businesses of all sizes in the Greater Montreal area

If your office or commercial space isn’t as clean as it could be, it is giving off a negative message to clients and providing a less than inspiring work environment for your employees.

The solution is to count on Vertnet’s commercial cleaning leader, to bring a new sense of clean to your work environment. Working closely with you, we will create a custom cleaning plan that features the services you desire, as often as you would like them.

We offer cleaning services specific to your needs:
• 1-7 days/week availability
• hard surface floor care
• restrooms
• carpet care
• phones and exposed surfaces disinfection
• dusting
• special event clean-up
• spring cleaning
• emergency clean-up
• window washing
• post-construction clean-up

Reasons to Keep Your Montreal Office Space Clean

A Montreal clean office is a more sanitary office. That keeps your staff healthy and in the office doing their tasks. Here are a few reason why is important to keep your Montreal office space speckless.

Workplace detriment can be prevented by taking action to ensure a clean, safe work environment.
Maintaining clean, dry floors is essential for the prevention of slips and falls in the workplace.
✔ Disinfectants prevent the spread of germs and illness, including the flu.
✔ You may not see them, but dusts and vapors are risky substances that can create an unsafe environment for staff.
✔ Proper disposal of waste and recyclable materials keeps work areas clutter-free.

To learn how we can help improve the cleanliness and safety of your workplace contact us:
Call Us: (438) 885-3984

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Best Tips For Finding A Reliable Janitorial Cleaning Services In Laval, QC

Janitorial cleaning implies the cleaning of a building’s occupied space and also common areas. Owning a company brings widespread amount of work, and so it is vital to find a reliable janitorial cleaning services in Laval. There are many companies offering such services in Laval, but it’s important to make sure that the company can handle your commercial property.

– It is important to know about the company, find out the company history, reviews and clients. It gives you a fair idea about the company and its clients.

– Communication plan: It is important that the company to hire has a communication plan the company’s employees are going to be on your premises all the time and, so a 24/7 number or email is mandatory.

– References and recommendation: This can form an important part of the deciding process, previous experience of customers come in handy and help you take a call.

– Pricing: It is important to decide on the price and also all terms and conditions to avoid confusion later.
To learn More: http://www.vertnet.ca/

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Cleaning With Vertnet’s janitorial system

We arrive fully equipped with eco-friendly cleaning supplies vacuums. Cleaning With Vertnet’s janitorial system is designed with capability to remove bacteria off of commonly touched surfaces as well as places you would not realize are unclean. We remove H1N1 fragments, all geared to provide a healthy physical space for your company and staff.

We appreciate the security seriousness in your offices. Therefore, we take special care to place dependable, discreet staff with professional experience and clearance checks.

Reliable Cleaning Services for…

– Retail Stores, Gyms, Dance Studios, Yoga Studios, Spa and Medical Centers
– Office Buildings
– Residential Low-Rise / High-Rise Condo Buildings for Stratas
– Realtors and Property Managers
– Builders and Contractors

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Nettoyage commercial personnalisé au centre-ville de Montréal

Nous pouvons personnaliser les plans de nettoyage commercial pour vos besoins spécifiques.
Avez-vous besoin de services de nettoyage spécialisés? Nous pouvons fournir tout de toilettes
l’assainissement pour le nettoyage des tapis et des meubles rembourrés. Nos services de nettoyage commercial à Montréal
peut être effectuée à tout moment avant, pendant ou après les heures d’ouverture et aussi souvent que nécessaire.
Nous pouvons assurer le nettoyage quotidien, le nettoyage hebdomadaire, le nettoyage alterné jour / semaine et le nettoyage mensuel.
Nous effectuons également des tâches de nettoyage ponctuelles spécialisées.







Custom Commercial Cleaning In Montreal downtown

We can customize commercial cleaning plans for your specific needs.
Do you need specialized cleaning services? We can provide everything from restroom
sanitation to carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our Montreal commercial cleaning services
can be conducted anytime you wish prior to, during or after operating hours and as often as you need.
We can provide daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, alternating day/weeks cleaning, and monthly cleaning.
We also perform specialized one-off cleaning tasks.

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Commercial cleaning is best left in the hands of trained professionals.
At Nettoyage Vertnet, we strive to use the best environmentally-safe cleaning aids and technologies
and a foolproof quality control method that ensures every task is completed. Our professional cleaners love their jobs they are serious.
Find Us: Site: http://www.vertnet.ca/Custom Commercial Cleaning In Montreal downtown

Experts Residential Cleaning Montreal

Nettoyage Vertnet is a local custom cleaning company that’s tailored to your specific needs in the Montreal area. If you want your living room deep cleaned twice a month, or if you find that your kitchen needs to be cleaned every visit, then that’s what we do. You will meet with a consultant to make sure that you are getting the right clean.

We understand the home is a precious place and that a clean home can mean a clear mind. We only use all environmental cleaning products as we believe that the products used in your home should be safe for your loved ones and your pets.